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Belmont box spring bed systems are a sign of contemporary luxury. They are also genuinely Italian: a passion for style, sophisticated fabrics and meticulous detailing.

All of this is evident in the solid box spring base providing various typologies of layered and complete support, in our handcrafted mattresses made from the highest quality natural materials and padding, and in our headboards which can be personalised in a selection of elegant fabrics.

The best of tradition for all the materials that touch the body. Tussah silk, organic cotton and white linen for the summer, Cashmere and Shetland Wool for the winter. The highest quality threads donated by nature guarantee elasticity, breathability and temperature regulation.

A bed system is key to a regenerating night’s sleep. It transmits a deep sensation of well-being the moment we lay down, and confirms it morning after morning. Belmont creates box spring bed systems supported by traditional craftsmanship and contemporary technologies. Know-how rooted in experience and carefully preserved, coupled with the sensitivity of often unrivalled hand craftsmanship translate into a source of wellness and comfort that benefit from the intelligent use of contemporary technologies. This is what sets Belmont apart.

Belmont capitalises on the history of craftsmanship and attention toward technology of Ennerev, a historic Italian brand responsible for many a good night’s sleep. Our box spring mattresses make the most of time-honoured manual skills, a pinch of technology and a passion for elegance. Our name is inspired by one of Ennerev’s debut models, from a time when a company’s image and value, what we now refer to as a brand, were founded on the only available resource: the skills of hands guided by the experience of extraordinary craftsmen.

Box spring bases

The solid foundations of the Belmont bed system are an exemplary exercise in skilled manufacturing based on techniques of assembly dating back more than a century. Bases are available in two different sizes to better respond to the search for a uniqueness and customisation and to guarantee unparalleled comfort and quality.


Our box spring bases are made from robust fir frames with solid screw connections that guarantee long-lasting performance. A total of 304 independent springs per square meter guarantee a uniform distribution of weight across the entire structure.


A 28 cm. high box spring on an 8 cm. high foot. Finished in fabric that has been permanently fixed to the structure, with an insert of non-slip fabric on the sleeping side. Available with 5 types of fixed feet in two finishes, and a 360° caster wheel.


A 21 cm. high box spring on a 16 cm. high foot. Finished in fabric that has been permanently fixed to the structure, with an insert of non-slip fabric on the sleeping side. Available with 2 types of fixed feet in two finishes.